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AkelaAkela 71 days ago
Vetiver Essence - Ferrari

Vetiver Essence Very weak....
A nonsense sold under the name of perfume. It lasts exactly 30 minutes. Then you have to stick your nose to the skin to feel something and even then you are not sure if it is the perfume or the soap you washed with. I hate it when I spend money on something...

AkelaAkela 95 days ago
24 Gold Oud Edition - ScentStory

24 Gold Oud Edition I do not know...
I don't really think it's worth the price. There are many sweet fragrances with aoud and much cheaper than this one. And on the same level. At least two I recommend Lattafa-Opulent Oud and Ard Al Zaafaran - Midnight Oud ... and both cost cheaper...


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