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For so long I've read and listened about Jacques Bogart and even if it's somehow ignored by the Youtube population it's praised (mostly) by the others on sites like this one. Well to be honest there are also some Youtubers that speak about Bogart, but it's still more underground in the community then well known fragrance house. I even like this fact, most of the community is talking about same mainstream fragrance houses and often running in circle. And here I am with a smile holding my black meteorite brick from Jacques Bogart not giving a f about top 5 fragrances in last 5 years or so. Problem is, to me they are not really accessible and I predict I am not the only one with a problem like that. Chances are you will be bind buying all of them unless you know some owner who will be kind enough to help you out before purchase.

Silver Scent is my first Jacques Bogart and it brought me many things, one of them is now I have a wish to own every possible Jacques Bogart on the market. Yes, all of them. Second thing is this is my strongest fragrance and I use it as a measuring unit for other fragrances. Third thing is I love it. People say you either love it or hate it. I love it. Smell I would describe like those American instant beverage powders, the grape flavor. It's simple as that. If you like the smell of this beverage, you will love Silver Scent. It's also very linear, don't expect some modern art in a bottle this is simply very sweet grape smelling nuclear radius fragrance. If you don't like long lasting beast mode fragrances stay away from this, other reasons are already mentioned like if you don't like sweet fragrances - this isn't for you. Since I am in unbiased mode I'll say you could think it's boring after a while or just too offensive to wear. I personally don't have any of the "problems" mentioned here.

It is very affordable fragrance with nice looking bottle. It's simple, but yet very well designed so it looks great wherever you place it.

First of all I must say I am amazed by longevity of this perfume. So from day one 15 o'clock it lasted +12h, so I could smell it in waves even 12 hours later 3 in the morning. With just one spray on my inner elbow, insane...

In first stage you can smell mandarin, lemon (4711 type) and orange blossom. It's also sweet, I guess bourbon vanilla note, keeps it like that to the end. Later the fruit notes go a bit down, except orange that still lingers and mix with bourbon vanilla and sandalwood when this two notes becomes dominant. Spicy a bit... It becomes sweet and woody fragrance in it's last circle of life.

It's eau de parfum concentration. And for me this is unisex as it gets. I just hope this company will make some progress with market outside it's domicile country of Serbia and make them available in EU. I can strongly recommend you get this if you like these notes so if you have friends in Serbia or plan to travel there put this on your shopping list. It's also very affordable price wise. it comes in a 34ml bottle that looks like nail polish bottle.

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This is one of those evidence scents for people saying every fragrance is unisex. This is really cool fragrance that I imagine wearing on a black suite in some evening event. In the beginning it's flowery, fruity and sharp... that sharpness disappear into sweet creamy beautiful scent. On skin, projection is really good and I can smell it for hours. I could smell it after shower too... as for the clothes that I don't know, but I imagine it lingers for days.

It reminds me of evening or night time in the middle east, heavy dark richness of coffee, cigars, dried fruit and sweets, mixed with that fruit and flower gardens surrounding you with the help of dry hot desert air. I think it's great choice for women +20, but if you are a guy who likes all kinds of fragrances you should try this. It's very erotic in mystical kind of way.

Images like night at Arabian bazaar keeps popping in my head, overkill of sounds around you filled with music and people yelling, but you are concentrated on one point, following girl in front of you that looks like Ophelie Bau and she turns back to see you and then she smiles while her eyes sparkle from life and happiness. That girl smells like Defy Gravity.

Talking about concentration, fragrance concentration is eau de parfum. And sorry if you expected review about notes and stuff and got this. I'm just giving my thoughts, someone else will probably go into it with more expertise.

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I really like 90's and fragrances of that time and the 80's fragrances too...it seems world had more spirit back then and things where more simplified then today.

I nearly broke my feet few hours ago and here I am resting it and checking how swollen it is. In this pathetic moment of my life I remembered this fragrance. I really had big expectations sort of say, well after watching Scent Land review it I thought to myself I should own this. So I got it and I decided to wait for warmer weather.

At first it's really bad I wondered what's next. Then it becomes nice for a short while then... nothing.

Tortured by physical pain in my leg I remembered the disappointment in a whole when I sprayed 3 times on my neck and 1 time on each inner elbow area thinking that few sprays before where too little to enjoy this fragrance. Well yes at first I dislike it big time, smells very oldtimerish and after some time it (for a short while) comes to life reminding me of smells like CK One, soapy summer scents of the 90's the light bringers I like to say, scents that keeps you in positive mood and touch you the way the warm Mediterranean weather and sun touches you. And surprise surprise boom it all goes away. To be honest I can feel it even few hours later in some random eruptions here and there, but in the meantime - nothing. Maybe it's me, maybe my nose gets used to this smell so I don't smell it anymore, but that's just probably wishful thinking where me try to defend image of this 90's scent - for some reason.

Maybe my poor bottle went bad, but it reminds me of western movies when you would go into the Saloon to have a drink after long time ride and the bartender gives you some watered down poison not even bothering to spice it up with gun powder and red peppers. This is how I feel about Sergio's Uomo, like someone took 30% of original EDT that was good as people say it was then they added 50% water and 20% of cheap vodka.

EDIT vol1
Gave it to my father. Every time he uses it I notice it, very fresh smell in the air fills the room, but not in a aggressive way. He likes fragrances you wear and other notice, he says he likes it. So on my skin it's not that good, but it is very pleasant on other people. I was surprised when entering a room I smelled that fresh smell. Crazy...

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So I have it for a year now and to be honest never used it too much, but that doesn't mean I do not like it. I just had other favorites at the time. Thing is it seems people are avoiding Jaguar fragrances for some reason unknown to me except they stay away from cheapies or to say more affordable fragrances thinking there's a reason they are affordable and that reason is they're bad. Well some are, some are not. This one isn't.

Scent is really pleasant and has that summer vibe to it, so it's actually different from my experience with this house. For me best thing about it is the bottle, it's really heavy and has that feel you could drop it and nothing would break, the cap looks like metal and it clicks in a way you can pick up the bottle by just holding the cap. Cap also reflects everything from itself and leaves fingerprints.

That being said I mostly feel the apple in this, it's trademark of this fragrance and my mind image of it is sun on a green apple. Very fresh and light, that seems comes from it's aquatic note. Even simple at first you can feel something is going on in the background of it they you can recognize it's woody notes. It also isn't offensive and I gave compliments for it few times on other people - that I usually don't do.

Longevity and sillage are not the best one out there, but when you come to understanding this is a summer and very affordable fragrance then it should not be that of a problem. I know lot's of way more expensive fragrances that have same or even worse longevity and sillage then Vision II.

If you are on a budget looking for pleasant summer scent and like fruity fragrances, apple notes you should try this. This is my longest post here and mind you I am no professional frag head that can pick out notes and stuff. I'm just on beginners level in all of this so don't hold it against me.

Cheers to all.

Company description for this fragrance is the smell of charisma. Well if someone asked me for a brief description I would say it smells like some kind of soap with lavender. There is something in the background I can't recognize, but that note is very pleasant. But overall it reminds me of old people wearing wool clothing and flat caps. Like you open some old forgotten closet and that initial smell of books, musty smell of clothing, old bags with lavender here and there, dust, old pictures... If he wanted to capture theater, the scent of bookstores and similar; he certainly did, because that's the spirit of Why Not by Branislav Lecic.

After 1h or so it turns into something more sweet and pleasant. I guess pomegranate and vanilla takes over and makes it way better. Fragrance is unisex in my opinion.