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AlbenAlben 6 months ago
Kalan - Parfums de Marly

Kalan Blood Red
This is the fourth PdM i tried, after the great trio Pegasus, Herod and Layton. The little perfumery i monthly visit suggested me Kalan and it was the commonly "love at first sniff". Nevertheless i totally understand how this fragrance can be polarizing,...

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What a blend, starts fresh with natural bergamot, grows in a beautiful lavender and then just let it be wood. Aged 35+, versatile and classy
Got today the limited edition and i'm so happy with it. Embrace reality: this is fruity, smoky, performing and inexpensive, hate is childish


AlbenAlben 6 months ago
Strange days, not talking about sci/fi thou. After living many years with a "bent by force" nose i came to realize fragrances were not my thing...until that (recent) day i caught in the air something new and anusual. It took a few days to understand what that was, when i realized the newbie colleague in the office had a liking for a certain TF frag. Dude i swear i did not know such smells actually exist and that was basically the beginning of this (late somehow) journey. It's about 30 fragrances from that very day now, with i guess around an hundred tests and samples and i simply love it for myself and to share with others as well!