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AlebhoAlebho 1 month ago
Eau Sacrée - Heeley

Eau Sacrée Very nice unisex incense-rose
Wow. Eau sacree by Heeley is very nice and particular, and could become a favorite perfume of some people. Why? Because it is a singolar fragrance reaching to be a pure incense (with inside an amount of various incense type) and also...

AlebhoAlebho 2 months ago
Series 3: Incense - Avignon - Comme des Garçons

Series 3: Incense - Avignon Best incense but..
Yes I think that Avignon have the heart for be the best pure incense ever. Avignon don't want to give other accords and sensation. It is pure 100% incense, but it is perfect in all, the mix of incense, olibanum, mirrh, elemi, vanilla is amazing....


ElysiumElysium 2 months ago
Hi there Alebho, welcome to Parfumo! Ciao Alebho, benvenuto!