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AmberScent 174 days ago
The flash scent
I tested again this fragrance today.
The overall feeling about the scent remains unchanged. It's citrus fresh in the opening (a load of yuzu), with a fresh, sweet and green spicy development, and the suposed "strong" notes of leather, sandalwood and tobacco. What's not to like? Other remarkable scents followed the same path, namely the more complex Tom Ford for Men and the alluring The One by D&G.
Unfortunately, Vera Wang demonstrates pretending to deliver a perfume with high ambitions but unfortunately with poor performance on the performance side. A couple of hours after spraying you are already experiencing a final faint woody drydown. The inconvenience of respraying is a must if you want to stick with this perfume.
This fragrance lost a possible trendsetter fragrance ambition to become just a nice to wear only for easy short lived situations. An intense version never happened and so far this EDT remains the sole incursion of Vera Wang into the male fragrances territory.

AmberScent 9 months ago
A dark and fragrant sweet cappuccino please...
I kind of fancy gourmand fragrances. When I decided to try some Ralph Lauren fragrances, I looked immediately at the trio of Reds. Polo Red Extreme is the most unique of the three, even if we deal with a linear non complex perfume with a slight above average performance.
You do have some citrus sweetness (or should I say red orange syrup) supporting a main note of coffe. It's not a coffe grain scent or an expresso flavour. It's closer to american coffee poured in a mug to make a cappuccino.
You also sense a bit of darkness that must come from the Ebony wood note.
The cappuccino analogy makes me wonder if there isn't a bit of cinnamon and/or cocoa in it.
Thinking about other perfumes Polo Red Extreme to my nose seems to have a similar scent to Boss THe Scent Private Accord. It must be because of the Givaudan ingredients used for the coffee note as there is no Maninka fruit in Ralph Lauren's perfume. On the other hand I sense cocoa in Polo Red Extreme and it's one of the main notes of the Hugo Boss fragrance. So I am not sure why, but one fragrance recalls me the other.
On the other hand if you plan to own this fragrance, there is no strong reason for you to look at the other Polo Reds, as there is a trong family resemblance between the three of them.
It's also worthy to say that usually the persons around me like to sniff this fragrance, especially the ladies. I already herd a bunch of comments saying that it's very "manly" and "seductive".

AmberScent 10 months ago
An Icon flask with neroli
The Neroli note - or should I say fresh bitter-orange flower note - t's a love/hate scent for me. I love it because the bitter orange smell with the scent of fresh flowers (jasmin?), makes this note intoxicating and overwhelming. I hate it because it lasts pungent for some brief moments and then it's almost gone. Nevertheless It complements beautifully all other citrusy notes - Bergamot in Icon - allowing the original composition to last longer while keeping its true fragrance.
And that's about it. Dunhill Icon has a magnificent neroli opening note. But once the neroli-bergamot accord weakens, it becomes a mainstream spicy fougére fragrance with some woods and herbs. A nice fragrance if you like fougéres. I did not detect any oud.
Does it deserve all the hype it has received? A YES to the flask and the opening and a NO to all the remaining features.

AmberScent 10 months ago
The blue loving hour
"L'Heure Bleue" - The Blue Hour ... Neither time nor a scent can be blue.
However, this perfume has neither time nor haste. It is a timeless fragrance to enjoy from the moment of the first spray, till the exhaust of the extraodinary aroma.
I've never been in love with carnations. Neither the flower nor its scent. And yet, without the strong note of carnation, this Hour ran the risk of not being so Blue. The fresh, aniseed start soon gives way to the magnificent floral feminine heart. The spicy scent of carnation - similar to Indian cloves - is refreshed and sweetened with the soft neroli with orange facets.
I believe that now a bit of masculinity and sweetness is needed. This is achieved first with a powdery iris, some violet and tonka, and then further enhancing the sweetness with an oriental, slightly resinous and balsamic vanilla.
It is the scent of a calm and deep love, the love of a life.
I love to visit the "L'Heure Bleue" from time to time. And on each visit, I promise to return.
What is the concentration? Eau de Parfum, of course!

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AmberScent 11 months ago
A welcome woody visit
Bois d'Arménie by Guerlain, Royal White by Charriol, Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy, Au Masculin Parfum Intense by Lolita Lempicka, 67 Artemisia by Pomellato, Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani, Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent, Bois d'Argent by Christian Dior, Bois d'Arménie by Guerlain, Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss, Bvlgari Black by Bvlgari, Potion by Dsquared², Roma Uomo by Laura Biagiotti... Annick Ménardo gave us either marvelous perfumes or sales successes for men (or at least unisex successes for men).
All the names I referenced are probably better known than VISIT for Man by Azzaro. This is one very pleasant spicy / woody fragrance. If nothing else it's one pretty straightforward about its mission on earth. It's all about fresh spices to begin with to later confort you with fragrant woods.
It open reasonably fresh, a bit sweet and very spicy with heavy cardamom, nutmeg and pink pepper; then it let's you take a big breath with an oriental frame heart of incense and amber, to later offer you manly crisp cedar with lightly smoked guaiac. It's really almost all about spices and woods, but done in a very elegant way, without being to faint or becoming cloying.
It leaves an aura of the discontinued Gucci Rush in the air. If you long for that Gucci scent you may have found a damn good substitute.
It's very versatile for a big number of situations but I would elect it as one of the best office scents I have ever tried. It builds an image of trust around its wearer. It's suitable for Spring and Fall, but Winter days and Summer nights are not out of the question as well. The performance is average, good enough for six hours of longevity and more than one arm length sillage. It projects almost for two hours but it's a calm and educated woody projection as a masculine office fragrance should have.
I do recommend this fragrance as a perfect solution for those work days where you are not sure about what to wear, or for the practical man who wants to have a single fragrance in his wardrobe.
With close to two hundred flasks in my closet I wear VISIT at least a couple of times each month and sometimes a lot more when I am travelling.
I give it a general rate of 85/100.

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