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3 years ago
Scent 7.0
Jagler for Women by Hunca

Jagler for Women„Is that a bomb?...”
Jagler is a very, very strong combination of rose and violet; spicy, green, woody and musky at the same time. It can last for days and fill a room with its sillage. I wish it was something sophisticated (i.e. made with rather quality ingredients) but it's a -nowadays...

3 years ago
Suddenly Diamonds by Lidl

Suddenly Diamonds„I may have been broken a prejudice...”
by getting Suddenly Diamonds not being able to resist the price *and* actually reconsidering my attitude towards fruity-sweet-fresh fragrances of a typical genre, which I believe Boss is representing nicely. Previously put off by even the mere...

Perfume Blog

5 years ago

Amrita„My Complicated Relationship with Florals”
Especially when they are white, and/or aqueous, fruity, fresh and green... I have several perfumes as such, so I technically like them. But wearing them I feel depressed, and I mean really depressed. That's becoming such a struggle for me, because if I am to eliminate certain perfumes...


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