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AncaanAncaan 5 years ago
Alba - Profumum Roma

Alba Coziness
The best way to describe what this perfume feels like to me, is to picture yourself in front of an indoor fireplace, in your softest pajamas, with a wool blanket wrapped around you and drinking a cup of hot cocoa milk. Outside is snowing peacefully and not a single...

AncaanAncaan 5 years ago
Tomato Leaf - Illuminum

Tomato Leaf Je ne sais quoi
I've never understood why this perfume doesn't get much love. I think it's gorgeous! Yes, it isn't extremely creative, quite simplistic I may say, but it smells divine. It really doesn't evolve, it is linear, but I've never considered this a bad thing...

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Don't disconsider this one because of it's low price. It's similar to Armani-Rose D'arabie, but with a more tamed "oud". Good performance.
No. 7 No. 7 - Eutopie - 4 years ago
This is what happiness smells like: unpretentious, easygoing and naturally beautiful. Pinkish flowers smoothed by juicy and green accord.
Arabie Arabie - Serge Lutens - 5 years ago
Arabie, how I love thee! It's everything I want in a winter perfume: sweet, sticky, spicy, aromatic. Wonderful creation!
Golden bottle: to my nose, it's a cross between MFK Satin Mood & Montale Red Oud. Such a beautiful perfume. Sweet, but not gourmand.
Anise? Yes, please! Sweet and comforting creamy vanilla and spice, perfect for winter. Nice, although it falls flat like Dulcis in Fundo.
Sometimes repulsive, sometimes alluring, always fascinating. Sweet, sexy, skanky, spicy. What a journey this perfume is!
Fruity-floral on a woody base, bitter-sweet and a little smoky. I really dig this one.
Feminine and young. Fresh fruity rose. Although it smells quite beautiful, it belongs in the mainstream department.
Mandragola Mandragola - V Canto - 5 years ago
Jammy rose with facets of ripe strawberries or raspberries, oily musk and slightly animalic oud. Feels very thick, but breathable.Beautiful!
Very feminine and beautiful! Dewy flowers, juicy tangerine, creamy musk. Sweet but refreshing. Low longevity in summer, moderate in winter.


ToreterToreter 3 years ago
Everything perfect!!!!!!!!!
Thank you!!!!'n
TetrodotoxTetrodotox 3 years ago
Thank you so much for this excellent deal and your generous surprises ;-) ! Very good communication, extra fast & secure shipping and a pleasure to deal with! Hope to return the favor someday! Greetings from Belgium! 'Till next time!
AncaanAncaan 4 years ago
Thank you, dear Mia! :)
MiaTrostMiaTrost 4 years ago
Lovely pictures, Anccan. :)