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Don't disconsider this one because of it's low price. It's similar to Armani-Rose D'arabie, but with a more tamed "oud". Good performance.
No. 7 No. 7 - Eutopie - 4 years ago
This is what happiness smells like: unpretentious, easygoing and naturally beautiful. Pinkish flowers smoothed by juicy and green accord.
Arabie Arabie - Serge Lutens - 5 years ago
Arabie, how I love thee! It's everything I want in a winter perfume: sweet, sticky, spicy, aromatic. Wonderful creation!
Golden bottle: to my nose, it's a cross between MFK Satin Mood & Montale Red Oud. Such a beautiful perfume. Sweet, but not gourmand.
Anise? Yes, please! Sweet and comforting creamy vanilla and spice, perfect for winter. Nice, although it falls flat like Dulcis in Fundo.
1 - 5 by 17