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4 years ago

AndreMoreau„Bleu de Chanel , "Yesterday&Today"" comparison (2010-2015)”
Although not being a big fan of "Bleu de Chanel" , I got a few bottles through different years, and tried to make an honest, unbiased comparison, "side-by-side".


SoulmatesSoulmates 6 years ago
THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for all those GCMS-articles & your passionate work! This is what perfume journalism in recent days dearly needs! Really innovative piece of research. Certainly in need of more of this. Please keep on doing this - for the sake of real perfume! Greetz from germany! T.
MRothMRoth 6 years ago
Hello AndreMoreau,
Today I read your GC-MS analysis for "Amazone"... amazing stuff! Makes me wish I was a chemist with access to the knowledge and facilities to test many other perfumes. Great stuff! I especially enjoyed the discovery and explanation for the high percentage of solvents.
AndreMoreauAndreMoreau 6 years ago
Thank you very much!
MiaTrostMiaTrost 6 years ago
I am truly impressed by your extensive research on vintage versions! Thanks for sharing it.
AndreMoreauAndreMoreau 6 years ago
thank you very much !!
ApiciusApicius 6 years ago
Hello AndreMoreau, a very warm welcome to Parfumo!