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AneliAneli 6 days ago
Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet (2014) - Dior

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet (2014) Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet
It was a love on a first smell! I was trying to find something FLORAL, as I didn't have anything floral yet. And I found it!?? Very feminine, seductive, smells like late spring and it has a great projection. I adore it definitely. P.s....

AneliAneli 1 month ago
Dolce Shine - Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce Shine Dolce-Shine review!
Hello dears ?! At first smell this video reminded me soooo much on Armani Sun because it's warm and creamy so I decided to purchasd it. When you firstly open it you do feel that it's fruity, sweet and later it becomes very creamy and powderish...

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Aneli 16 days ago

AneliArmani Acqua di Gioia-summer classic!
Hello dears 😀! Today I will like a say a word or two about one classic summer fresh fragrance-Acqua di Gioia by  Armani. Even though I am not a great fan of fresh perfumes due to undesirable longevity this is amazing fragrance. Just after the shower  or quick  mojito in hot summer day. 😍 The link is here !

Aneli 24 days ago

AneliArmani di Gioia-Ocean
When I saw the bottle, it was a love at  the first sight, it looks like a really stone in the  ocean. Blue color, freshness, I fell in love. It is citrusy, lotsArmani di Gioia-Ocean of pear, fresh, light perfume. But I think not for my personality hahaha. For summertime I'm either citrus or coconut, creamy vibe. The thing that I really...


AneliAneli 12 days ago
Can anyone explain me why do citrus perfumes don't last long? 😒
AneliAneli 26 days ago
Dears! Ehat's the best coconut based perfume for summer that you have tried? For me it's definitely Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess but I would love to hear for others. 😊
Exciter76Exciter76 28 days ago
Hi Aneli! My favorite citrus is a tie between Goutal's Les Nuits d'Hadrien and Guerlain's Nerolia Bianca. Les Nuits is both fresh and dark green, due to the patchouli. Nerolia Bianca is a whole orange tree on a sunny day. I love them both!
AneliAneli 1 month ago
Which is according to you the best citrus fragrance? 😊