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173 days ago
Scent 8.0
Sultane White Pearl by Jeanne Arthes

Sultane White Pearl„The allure of the pearl”
Contrary to the impression by the notes and the visual message, this is not a 'summer' fragrance. The citrus here is not cologne-like zesty nor refreshing, but more subdued and warmed in an 'autumnal' way, a little reminding of 4711's "Mandarine & Cardamom"....

6 months ago
Scent 4.5
Un Matin au Jardin - Rose Fraîche / Fresh Rose by Yves Rocher

Un Matin au Jardin - Rose Fraîche / Fresh Rose„The first impression counts...” least for this fragrance. The first time, my expectation of a crisp and dewy rose was instantly betrayed by a non-natural, high-pitched, headache-inducing strong peony which went through a phase of astringent bathroom air-freshener and settled...

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Almost same notes like Gucci Bloom except for the missing iris. Anyone already tested?
Lemony jasmine tea soap on my hot skin vs. jasmine-lemon candy w/almost melon-like green sweetness on the colder part. Where's the gardenia?+3
Sillage 7.0
Scent 6.0
1 Reply
It does smell like the current 1881, less cold perhaps. Long lasting. Almost unisex, distinctively herbaceous. Strong character for sure.
Sillage 7.5
Longevity 7.5
Scent 5.0
After the breakfast, you can wash the croissant flakes off your fingers with the floral liquid soap making your hands smell cool and clean.
Scent 6.5
Ninfea Ninfea - Blumarine   Anessa 90 days ago
We meet again, "L'Eau par Kenzo pour Homme"--a bit more floral&feminine in a different bottle. Great projection. Creamy herbaceous aquatic.+1
Sillage 8.0
Longevity 8.0
Scent 6.5
Despite my fears of honey, no Scandal. Golden&warm, 'terra ambrata'. Could be unisex. Personally, couldn't smell any similarities to Mon G.+3
Ylang contained, as on bottle label+to my nose, clearly present at the lovely sweet yet brief opening. Faint jasmine dominates the rest.+2
Sillage 4.0
Longevity 5.0
Scent 6.5
One of the line that could actually be worn. Non-sirupy raspberry candy similar to Flowerparty w/o the rose, a zestier red fruit cocktail.+2
Scent 6.5
Good example why TBS puts this primarily under Room Spray: Detergent-like citrus notes make it unwearable for me.+3
Scent 5.0
The linen's not fresh, ironed+sprayed w/ freesia floral starch, a strange buttery-sweetness at bottom reminds of Indian Night Jasmine.+1
Scent 5.0

Perfume Blog

19 months ago

I often see people judging a fragrance solely on the criterion whether it possesses "a certain wow-factor" or not. While the definition of such is still somewhat elusive to me, I had accepted it without much thought when I began on my review-reading journey.Some will nonetheless grant a neutral rating after admitting the fragrance is nothing 'unique', whereas others dismiss it as something completely worthless, giving it a negative rating.As reviews themselves are intrinsically and inevitably of subjective...


QuercusAlbusQuercusAlbus 9 months ago
And when I say 'thorough' music, this does not necessarily amount to being stuck up. Learning to enjoy Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, etc, has actually resulted in my enjoying ~Obsession~ by Animoto or ~Funky Town~ by Lips Inc all the more also; & likewise, learning to actually enjoy ~Diagilev~ by Roja Dove has actually helped me to enjoy ~Dot~ by Marc Jacobs, etc.
QuercusAlbusQuercusAlbus 9 months ago
Glad you took it with goodwill, my implying that you might have a mental block. Thought as I wrote "this might be a tad bold"! But what you said about attributing personalities to perfumes is fascinating. I think I attribute personalities to them also, but probably not in so intense or concrete a way, I suspect. I think my best analogy is music, actually, and certainly, at least with °thorough° music - really seriously carefully constructed stuff, particularly classical, but not necessarily that only - ones perception is usually in the direction of increasing appreciation: learning to °get° the more technical & deeper pieces, and then that feeding back into perceiving anew some piece one already knows but has overlooked somewhat, etc. So ones °compass° of music is usually expanding - a contraction is a rare thing, I should think.
MiaTrostMiaTrost 10 months ago
Search, and you shall not find! haha!! God one! :D
MiaTrostMiaTrost 10 months ago
Marvelling at your beautiful banner. :)
CrypticCryptic 12 months ago
There's something so whimsical about the combination of signs and elements in Eastern astrology: metal monkey, fire horse, water pig... :)
Exciter76Exciter76 12 months ago
Hey there sister Virgo!
Wrs67Wrs67 18 months ago
Danke für das Wilkommen, Anessa. Ich kann nur ein weniger Deutsch sprechen.
CincyCincy 18 months ago
Thanks for your nice comments on my photos.
MrFumejunkieMrFumejunkie 19 months ago
thank you, anessa. that's what i always try to do, create 'associated imagery'.
GGAGGA 19 months ago
Thank you for welcoming me on this forum