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5 years ago - 13.04.2017
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"Dreaming" about Mon Guerlain...

Always amusing how the brain picks up the topic for tonight's dream program from the subconscious mind, almost like letting a computer randomly pick up your SOTD based on a few informations you had provided.

More than weeks after I had last read anything on Mon Guerlain, I literally dreamt about it. The first time a perfume ever entered my dream - what a memorable event for a perfumista greenhorn! Good thing is, despite my life-long chronic nightmare disorder, neither the dream about Mon Guerlain nor the perfume itself (in my dream) turned out as a nightmare. I was testing it from a sample and following the interesting development, comparing it with the notes I had made in my mind, based on the reviews and descriptions. Too bad the dream then faded away before I had reached the drydown.

The funny part is that not even once had I thought about trying this latest Guerlain release - I might pick up a tester if it were displayed on the aisle in the department store, but I would not seek it actively. Admittedly, I had gathered some information about it, but it was rather based on my curiosity for the newly relaunched creation by one of my most favourite houses. And from what I've read so far, I fear that any amount of lavender (a beloved note) would not be enough to save it from the haunting sweetness. No, considering my general low tolerance towards sweet fragrances, I do not feel the urge to try it.

Apart from its debut appearance in my first perfume(d) dream, I rather feel impartial/neutral about it at this point, wishing Guerlain good success to keep their other fragrances on the market and invest in high-quality new creations to come, as in the old days.

And for every other perfume lover, I wish a beautifully scented dream with their most beloved/sought after perfume.

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