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26.04.2017 19:36 Uhr
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The cats ran away...

A non-rating comment from 2001 on Coco Mademoiselle (Eau de Toilette) featured on a review site made me chuckle. The nuances of the original got lost in my clumsy translation.

"Received the blotter and when I came home
both our cats ran away :-D

The scent is sweet but also spicy
appears to be generic and yet, it's not.
Sorry, I'm not good with words, so my explanation doesn't make sense.

CK Eternity, Escape
and Origins Ginger Essence Sensuous Skin Scent,
Cabotine (that's my sister-in-law's favourite)
to none of these did our kitties show any signs of dislike, but
for some reason, from Coco Mademoiselle they fled away in a dash...

'Have pity, do throw it away, quick!,' mother told me and I was going to put it into the bin, but then
'It'll keep on smelling when you toss it around here, use the bin in the bathroom!,' she said
so I trashed it in the bathroom, however
later on, every time I walked past the bathroom, the cats were scurrying there,
they looked pitiable, but also a bit cute.

The scent had rather appealed to me as a human, but
with cats, it's quite unpopular. To everyone living with a cat, please be careful."

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