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45 days ago
Scent 10.0
Royal Gold (Perfume Oil) by El Nabil

Royal Gold (Perfume Oil)„A real gem!!!!”
I have a few of the El Nabil perfume oils and this and Musc Makkah are my favorites. Royal Gold is so warm and soft like caramel, it's not screetch and the longevity is amazing, I have a top on today that still have the perfume from 2 days ago. I highly recommend this...

85 days ago
Scent 10.0
Musc Makkah by El Nabil

Musc Makkah„fruit musc”
It's a lovely sweet and musc oil no sharp notes in here, I get complimented every single time I wear this oil. love it so much and want to get one or two backup bottles.


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Welcome to Parfumo, Angel6. Nice to have you with us.
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Hello Angel6, welcome to Parfumo! I wish you a lot of fun here!