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Angelofnorth 7 years ago

Comforting Fall
ohhh so comforting, This is warm cedar and Tonka witha touch of Citrus , The citrus is hardly notisable , but if i realy look for it is there like a slight similarity to Shaliar edp . But this perfumes are not he same at all just some of the feal with the citrus
This is a real snuggle up perfume for fall. I see this in a Cabin on a handsom man warm good hearted and trustworthy, Infront of the fire with peace writhen all ower him. Finaly back in harmony with natur
The Labdanum is also present but not so much the floral part. This to me has a slight Incence spark but not to much
A treat for Autumn , a safe scent , not to bold or crazy. just cosy and down to earth . lovely even for me who is a women I would say this is more of a masculin scent . (but then again i dont like my scents to be very masculin:)..)

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lovely smoky autumn
Burning leaves, woodsmoke, and creamy, smoky raw beeswax. This is campfires and hearth fires and a cabin in the mountains heated by wood stove and lit with candles. The smell on your clothes from tending the fire. The smell in the air after the light flickers out.

This is realy nice , spicy smoky , on my skin its not sweet at all i thought the beeswax would have some sweetnes , but its rather dry, there is also a sence of tobacco from the burned leavs, a beauty for fall , must try for thouse who likes smoky autums

Angelofnorth 7 years ago

Woodsmoke & Vanilla:

Spicy, smoky, resinous, warm and sweet- with notes of frankincense and myrrh, fir needles, balsam and cedar, on a soft base of vanilla and honey. Brings to mind firewood, incense, cold winter nights.

Doesent this sounds lovely to me it does anyway. it first reminds me of Alkemia Smoke and mirrors but this has more to it (IMO) a bit more tamed, not as pursistent with the smoke , there is also myrrh and fir and cedar that i can detect .A beauty for autumn season aswell . if you like Smoke and mirrors try this one aswell . Lovely beautiful stuff , I sometimes feals like there is also almonds in this one , like smoked almonds , but sweeter then to be expected .

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Dark and powdery
This is such a beauty
It starts of with blackurrant leaf on my skin ,green almost a bit smokey, and lots of Violets mixed with this smokeyness makes its abit on the dark side ,Iris adds a little dryness and powder to it also the woods lingers and adds to this beautful scent.
It stays this way for a few hours on my skin then it changes to a bit more sweet violett and iris scent, more feminin then the opening .
This is realy unik and different then any other Violet and Iris scent i have tryed .
This is also very long lasting on my skin and radiats beautifuly not to much but enough to get notised.
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Angelofnorth 7 years ago 2

sparkeling and refreshing
This is a fresh and sparkely treat , At first i dismissed it as just another fruity floral mix like all the others , But this has a more grown up wibe to it aswell.
The Pear is the star at the begining , juicy crisp and mouthwatering, also the Mint is prominent and oh so delightful .
Making me think of Aqcua de Gioia , But this to me is less suggery and has more deapth, The lemon and jasmin walks hand in hand not to much not to screatchy, Peach well not so much on my skin ,
A treat for warm summerdays , Not to sweet , but yes its on the sweetside of things its uplifting, bright and cooling with the mint.
Im very happy to have this in my collection.

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