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AnhtuankgAnhtuankg 1 year ago
Tabac Rouge / Turkish Blend - Phaedon

Tabac Rouge / Turkish Blend my love
This is a perfume bottle that belongs to the top of tobacco scents. Combining cinnamon and medicinal herbs, honey to create a strong aroma of tobacco. The scent is extremely pleasant and quite relaxing. Radiation is also extremely good, sticking to my skin...

AnhtuankgAnhtuankg 2 years ago
Herod - Parfums de Marly

Herod best tobacco
A sweet and versatile tobacco scent that is easy to use in any situation. I have a bottle made in 2020 that performs quite well, releases fragrance for 4.5 hours and stays on skin 9-10 hours. When worn for 8 hours and active to heat the body, the scent...