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11 months ago
Scent 7.0
Killer Queen's Royal Revolution by Katy Perry

Killer Queen's Royal Revolution„Cream soda revolution”
A fun, easy to wear scent, suitable for all seasons. Sillage and longevity are fairly weak, but I find in warmer weather or on warm skin it projects and lasts for a few hours. The dry down smells like a cream soda I used to drink as a kid, which is why I enjoy...

13 months ago
Scent 4.5
Pure Vanilla by Lavanila Laboratories

Pure Vanilla„Vanilla multivitamin??”
I thought this was just ok at first, but after wearing it a few times I have noticed that the drydown is really unpleasant to my nose. It actually reminds me of the smell of multivitamins! The opening just smells like straight-up vanilla essence. I am yet to be impressed...


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