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43 hours ago
Twilly d'Hermès by Hermès

Twilly d'Hermès„Nice and different”
What a gorgeous bottle! I like it very much. It invites you to smell what is inside. The perfume opens with soft, fresh ginger. It is not a loud ginger, it is a quite one, ready to be open. After a while, tuberose makes its presence felt. It is not a sweet tuberose,...

3 days ago
You Or Someone Like You by Etat Libre d'Orange

You Or Someone Like You„Minty”
The first thing I felt was mint, a powerful, refreshing mint as someone rubbed a mint leaf into his hands. I picked the mint from the fields many times. This smell is exactly the same. After a while some strong green notes feel their presence. They change the direction of the perfume...

Perfume Blog

21 days ago

Anthology„Perfume smelling – a short preview”
Smelling a perfume is like transporting yourself into the world of senses. And what a wonderful world it is! Full of flavors and ingredients, some so familiar, some absolutely new, expecting to be discovered. The world around us is a fragrant world, full of scents and brightly colored flowers. How not to try to find out what story is hidden in every smell, what can awaken in you. The world of fragrance is fascinating and full of discoveries. Annually, about 1,000 perfumes are launched. Is a very...


MiaTrostMiaTrost 27 days ago
Bună Anthology and welcome to Parfumo! Have a lovely time.
AnthologyAnthology 28 days ago
I am a perfume lover and I write about my passion on my blog