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03.09.2017 16:57 Uhr
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Perfume smelling – a short preview

Smelling a perfume is like transporting yourself into the world of senses. And what a wonderful world it is! Full of flavors and ingredients, some so familiar, some absolutely new, expecting to be discovered. The world around us is a fragrant world, full of scents and brightly colored flowers. How not to try to find out what story is hidden in every smell, what can awaken in you.

The world of fragrance is fascinating and full of discoveries. Annually, about 1,000 perfumes are launched. Is a very large number and I do not think anyone can smell everything. All we can do is try to test as much as possible in order to see what they have to offer. There are many talented perfumers eager to send us on their journey through the world of senses.

Every year new ingredients appear and they try to reach the sensitive side of the smell. Both nature and chemistry create an odor variety designed to satisfy all tastes. Since ancient times people have been fascinated by nature's odors and have not stopped trying to copy them and turn them into ingredients.

Smell is a primitive sense which developed for self-preservation to help find food, to detect suitable mates, to detect the presence of enemies or danger, to recognize the family, home. We are influenced by our sense of smell before we are born. Babies learn about smell through tasting the amniotic fluid in their mother’s womb and the mother’s diet transfers odors associated with food.

From all our senses, smell is said to be the most closely linked with memory. The sense of smell has the ability to trigger memories, without the conscious mind intervening. That’s why when we smell a fragrance, we wake up our hidden senses, forgotten memories which are revealed by odors. We find our childhood, our mother, Christmas, the first kiss and everything that marked our existence. And everything can be brought back to life by smell. So let's get cross-border lead to the olfactory world and use our smell as much as possible.

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