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Anthology 5 years ago 5
sweet and nutty
The perfume opens with a juicy fruity cocktail and a creamy almond. It is a nice mixture between fruits and almond, bright and brilliant as a glitter dress. It has many facets. Interesting and delightful with a nutty touch.
After this sparkling opening some tiny shades of roses make their presence felt. It is not a strong odour, but a soft, delicate one. The leathery note can be felt all the way, from the beginning till the end. It is just a touch of the leathery smell, not a strong note with personality.
The deeper we get in the heart of the perfume, the more it smells like La Petite Robe Noire. All the different notes disappear and there is only the smell of LPRN. It is like LPRN would take off her leather jacket and stay in the dress.
The base of the perfume has tonka bean and the nutty sensation is more profound now. Creamy, sweet and nutty, this is the remaining effect. This is what I feel when I wear Black Perfecto. I don’t see a black leather jacket. I only see a nice ‘robe noire’.
Anthology 5 years ago 2
sweet, candy-sweet
My sample is an extrait de parfum.
The perfume opens with a geranium accord, a violet touch and a cinnamon trace. All these wonderful smells are linked together with a red bow soaked in oud. Later, the violet becomes more remarkable and the composition gets a bitter touch. All the sweetness from the opening begins to lose ground and gets a little bit puffy. The fragrance remains very sweet but is now more bearable. A jammy rose makes its presence felt more and more. It is its turn to fill the scene. The composition remains like that for quite a time. It stretches on the skin and conquer it with its sweetness. An endless sweetness that makes you think of childhood, sweets and cotton candy; no worries, no problems, just sugar. This is ‘oud satin mood’ for me.
By the end, when everything starts to get lost, notes of vanilla and amber appear. They give to the composition a creamy, sticky facet, as a candy filling. I wanted to eat it, not smell it.
Projection is good and longevity is above average. It remained an entire day on my skin.
So, if you like oud and you want to smell sweet, sweet, candy-sweet, try it.
Anthology 5 years ago 3
I don’t see a girl from nowadays here. It is not like all other perfumes. It has a different approach. It is almond-minty and refreshing.
The opening is fruity and zesty with some traces of pistachios. Then, in a few minutes, the composition becomes refreshing and minty. Maybe the mixture of orange blossom and almond, the notes listed, result in a minty smell. I feel a minty odour with a touch of ginger. Like a cold shower in a hot summer day. The almond is there undoubtedly but it stays somewhere behind and appears from time to time to touch this sparkling composition with a sweet magic is very interesting how the perfume evolves on the skin.
Then, after a while, the almond takes control of the smell. It comes in front. The smells change between them. Now I feel almond as the main smell while the minty odour goes somewhere backwards. This almond note stays until the end and becomes more and more sweet with a creamy facet.
The base is warm and sensual with tonka-patchouli-almond mixture.
Girl of Now is not a wow composition but it is bold in its own way. It does not respect the market requirements. It goes along with other perfumes but I think it will find the right girls for it.
Anyway, the bottle seems to be made today for today’s girls.
If you are a fan of Elie Saab perfumes and you like almond note in a composition, this is a try for you.
Anthology 5 years ago 1
A floral with a good vibe
Artemisia opens with sweet green notes mixed with fruits. It is a sweet fruity odour, not sour or pungent. It has a nice opening.
After a while, I feel lily of the valley and jasmine in a green armour. Not a loud floral perfume. A skin fragrance, sweet and pleasant.
The dry-down is powdery and woody and is all about musk.
Artemisia is a nice fragrance. It has good longevity and intimate sillage. This is a discreet scent, good for a quiet day when you want something to make you feel comfortable.
Give it a try if you like florals with pleasant smell and a good vibe.
Anthology 5 years ago 2
Nice and quiet
The perfume opens with a loud bitter smell where I can detect saffron, coriander and a bitter fruit. The opening is sparkling and bitter. It is like feeling orange blossom but I don’t see the note listed. The same bitterness is here.
The heart is still bitter but mixed with a floral odour. At this point is a bitter-sweet fragrance with a wonderful rose note.
The dry-down is sweet, with honey, benzoin and tonka. Now the oriental facet of the fragrance appears. Only a hint of bitterness left behind can be felt now. The sweetness of the honey gives a warmer and pleasant touch.
Vaara is a nice perfume that says close to the skin. Nice and quiet.
1 - 5 by 18