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Hello white flowers!
Hello white flowers! Ellenisia opens with jasmine and sweet tuberose, followed by rose. Maybe a hint of orange, but just a hint. A wonderful mix of flowers with a sweet, honeyed facet. Nice, bold and full of life. It gives you a joyful mood. It feels like you are in a garden full of white flowers where their fragrances intertwine and create a divine odour. An odour of joy, a life full of happiness.
The base has a bitterness probably due to the plum, but is still very nice and sweet.
If you are into florals, especially white florals, this one is a try. It has good projection and longevity.

Anthology 4 years ago

About iris
Right from the beginning you can feel the iris. It is a nice, sweet, creamy iris. I love iris with all its facets.
The centre of the fragrance is about iris wrapped in sweet jasmine and sprinkled with spices.
The base brings a leathery touch to the iris as if you have crushed an iris flower in a leathery glove. The leather smell from the glove remains in the iris flower and the result is a magnificent odour: a leathery iris.
The base is creamy, sweet and powdery. The longevity is good. For me this is a scent close to the skin.
If you like iris note in perfume you should try Iris Prima.

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A good floral
Beside Rush, I am not an owner of a Gucci perfume. None of them suits me. I am sorry I had no chance to smell Envy because I heard it was a beautiful creation.
Now, let’s talk about Bloom. Tuberose is a nice flower but it can be very heavy. 2017 seems to be a tuberose year: Twilly, Gabrielle and now Gucci Bloom. I bet that by the end of the year there will be more perfumes that have tuberose as a starting point.
The fragrance opens with a sweet tuberose. The sweetness comes from honeysuckle, a flower from heaven with a gorgeous smell. So, I get a sweet, wonderful tuberose because it is the diva in this composition.
The perfume is linear with a tuberose which dominates the other notes. Sweet but not sickly, sharp but not annoying, loud but not disturbing. A classic composition made for all those who love white flowers.
The dry-down is a little powdery and balsamic maybe due to orris root, but still full of tuberose.
Projection and longevity are very good.
Gucci Bloom is a very nice fragrance where the tuberose is very well represented. It is different from others perfumes and bold in its own way. A good floral for the floral lovers.
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Pleasant and elegant
The perfume opens with fresh, sweet citrus, accompanied by sweet spices. It is a fresh, sharp smell. It takes your breath away in a pleasant way.
In the middle of the composition there is violet, a sweet one, full of spices. It is a spicy fragrance. St this point I get a soapy smell. The smell is fresh and clean and it gives a sort of purity to the perfume. It is a rich and elegant fragrance, full of spirit and personality.
The base is sweeter but it still has a soapy hint.
This is a great fragrance for work. It can’t disturb anyone. Is nice, clean, pleasant and elegant. You can’t go wrong with it. Everyone should have in its wardrobe this kind of perfume.

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green-minty rose
On my skin the perfume opens with minty rose. I haven’t seen mint listed so I smelled again and again. It’s minty rose on my skin. After a while, that green minty odour almost disappears, living behind a fresh green trace. It is now when the smoky resins feel their presence. It is a combination of sweet and green, with some rose. I was looking for lily-of-the-valley because it is one of my favourite note, but I could not smell it.
In the base I get a green leathery smell mixed with smoke and a lot of patchouli. At this point it reminded me of Coromandel by Chanel. It is almost the same sweet patchouli. This is the feeling with which the perfume ends: sweet patchouli. Good sillage!
The perfume deserves a try if you like green-minty rose finished with patchouli.

6 - 10 by 18