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Anthology 4 years ago 4

Nice and different
What a gorgeous bottle! I like it very much. It invites you to smell what is inside.
The perfume opens with soft, fresh ginger. It is not a loud ginger, it is a quite one, ready to be open. After a while, tuberose makes its presence felt. It is not a sweet tuberose, it’s a spicy tuberose. A lovely flower mixed with oriental spices. All the composition is like an invitation in a garden full of tuberoses and spices where their smells intertwine.
The dry-down is tuberose sweetened by sandalwood with a hint of ginger.
Twilly is a beautiful and elegant, modern and classy at the same time. It smells comfortable on my skin. I am not part of the perfume target group and still like it. It is an optimistic and lively floral but I think it is for everyone.
Give it a try if you want something different. Nice!

Anthology 4 years ago 4

The first thing I felt was mint, a powerful, refreshing mint as someone rubbed a mint leaf into his hands. I picked the mint from the fields many times. This smell is exactly the same.
After a while some strong green notes feel their presence. They change the direction of the perfume a little, but the mint remains at the center of the composition.
Because mint is very often used in medicine, it can be said that the smell of the perfume recalls the medicinal smell of the pills.
The dry-down is minty musk. Now the mint is stronger to my nose. It is like a last swing before it disappears altogether.
It is a nice perfume for summer, sparkling, boozy, with a lot of personality. It is a try!

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Interesting in its way
I finally tried Gabrielle. I did not know what to expect, but I did not expect to be in a certain way. I found brightness, a lot. It is such a luminous perfume.
It opens with some citrus notes, a little bit tangy and bitter. After a while, the flowers appear. Tuberose and ylan-ylang is what my skin smells like. Yes, it’s about tuberose but a light one, glorious and full of joy. I can feel the orange blossom which give some pleasant bitterness to the composition. It gives the impression that each flower of the composition has its own place and appears when necessary.
This is a happy perfume. It has nothing dark in it. Maybe it is not like the others from Chanel, but I like its younger and clear approach.
The base is about musk and sandalwood, so it is nice and sweet.
I liked this perfume maybe because I am not a big fan of No 5. It is different from The Chanel line and it brings a younger touch to this house. My first word was: bright, so bright and full of light.
Everyone should give it a try without compare it to No 5. It has good sillage and good longevity.

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Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier
There will be no scandal!
The perfume opens with citrus smell. Fresh, clean, juicy. Then, after a few seconds the honey enters the stage like a primadonna. Now it is it turn to show what it can do. From now on it is all about honey. A sweet, intoxicating honey. Because the citrus smell does not disapear completely, honey is not so syrupy. It has a sparkling touch that gives a fresh feeling. This removes the sticky trait of honey. It is refreshing, pleasant and full of joy. It suits a woman capable of awakening burning passions, eager to always flirt, independent and free as a bird in the sky. This woman will always leave behind a trace of scandal. Maybe not outside, but surely inside.
The perfume remains like this for a few hours.
The dry-down is a patchouli with honey. It has a good longevity, while the sillage is pretty good too.
Scandal perfectly adapts to market requirements. It’s what ?s been looking for, what many women wear. It is in the trend.
So, if you are looking for a honey fragrance, softened with citrus and settled by patchouli, you can try Scandal.

Anthology 4 years ago 2

Eau de Memo by Memo
Eau de Memo opens with a tangy citrus note which fades pretty quickly living behind a predominant leather note with touches of tea. It is like having a piece of leather and soaking it in citrus tea. An interesting smell with a good leathery vibe. Smelling my hand, I feel like citrus, leather and tea are hitting each other to get in front. They appear and disappear one by one.
In the heart of the perfume I was expected iris to hit me in the face. No way. Somewhere in the back a pale note of iris can be smelled. It is a hidden note behind the leather. It gives a creamy facet to the composition.
The base is about leather and musk.
For me this is not an oriental-floral perfume. It is a leathery scent with tea and citrus. The perfume has a moderate sillage and good longevity. It is sexy and luxurious. The bottle is also very cute.
If you want to try a fragrance with leather, tea and citrus, you can choose Eau de Memo.

11 - 15 by 18