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AntonypostAntonypost 1 year ago
Emporio Armani - Stronger With You Intensely - Giorgio Armani

Emporio Armani - Stronger With You Intensely A new experienced
I was always a fun of sweet and woody notes, that’s why my first signature fragrance was Armani code Profumo, when it ended I followed the sweet Armani trail to stronger with you intensely. It was a pleasant surprise! The scent is very sweet...

AntonypostAntonypost 1 year ago
Polo Red Rush - Ralph Lauren

Polo Red Rush What a fragrance?!
I don’t want to write a long and boring review with lots of metaphors and hidden messages. I will be clear and short, just a few words. Red rush is a very good perfume for athletic types. I brings an image of you in a polo shirt, drinking mojito...


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