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AnupAnup 10 years ago
Womanity (Eau de Parfum) - Mugler

Womanity (Eau de Parfum) Is it fresh? Is it fruity?
No, not really, but it is very easy to understand how one could jump to classifying this perfume into one of those genres. This fragrance DOES come off rather fresh and fruity. However, the scent itself leans more into a gourmand...

AnupAnup 10 years ago
Splash - Joop!

Splash A new direction in "Aquatic" and it's a good one.
Ever sit back and wonder why there has never been any "water" offerings from joop!? I'll tell you exactly why. They've taken the time to do it CORRECTLY. This fragrance doesn't try to emulate...


Moni43Moni43 10 years ago
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FlaconneurFlaconneur 10 years ago
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