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Anup 9 years ago 4

Is it fresh? Is it fruity?
No, not really, but it is very easy to understand how one could jump to classifying this perfume into one of those genres. This fragrance DOES come off rather fresh and fruity. However, the scent itself leans more into a gourmand type with a milky fig.

Many users on different perfume sites state that this (pardon my language) smells liken to a female who hasn't washed her southern areas, that notion is rubbish. To anyone who believes that this scents resembles the smell of genitals sure has had some great sexual experiences . Give me a physical break.

If you're the type of person that likes a fun, immensely unique, sweet and long-lasting scent that will make heads turn then this highly aromatic perfume is for you.
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Anup 9 years ago 1

A new direction in "Aquatic" and it's a good one.
Ever sit back and wonder why there has never been any "water" offerings from joop!? I'll tell you exactly why. They've taken the time to do it CORRECTLY. This fragrance doesn't try to emulate the smell of a "splash", who would?
This fragrance embodies excitement and surprise!

The scent starts off with a rude SMASH of fruit and labdanum. Sticky sweet, slick and juicy. The fruit almost has a...Purple vibe to it, so passionate and precise.
As it begins to dry you may start to wonder where the wood is.
The answer is, the wood begins to perfectly mingle with that ultra sharp pungent fruit, mellowing it, and offering some sort of control.
The woods really keep this fragrance from bitch slapping everyone who comes within 10 feet of you XD.
The cardamom and coriander offer a direct anchor to the shore of sanity, giving the composition nuttiness and spice.

I don't get any "Calone" or "Aqua" from this fragrance in the least. I am SURE of Joop!'s direction with this was to be exciting and refreshing, like a splash ;)

Anup 9 years ago 7

A classic for sweet guys ;)
Ahhhhhh, we finally come to this one, the original Joop!. Don't care what any of you say, this was a total game changer in the fragrance industry.
Even before i got really into fragrances, i always thought this one was special.
Not to mention my favorite colors are the ones closest to violet/fuchsia.
I find it VERY hard to believe that this creation is so old.
When this arrived on the market i could only imagine what people thought XD, pink liquid, Joop!, purple cap, super sweetness.
This is also a one size fits all kind of scent. High school, the office, the nursing home. Anyone and EVERYONE can wear joop! if they wanted to.

The top:

Orange blossoms semi-sweet sun-kissed vibrations co-mingle with sharp citruses, making it extremely bright and inviting!
The orange blossom, i note, doesn't smell like orange blossom in recent fragrances.
Perhaps Joop! has it's own chemical for it. Very genuine, and soft.

The middle:

Heliotrope heaven, which is GREAT for me because i love it.
Dewy and sweet Heliotrope is what it is, and pulls no punches in this composition!
Lest we forget the Jasmine, *giggles* i've never smelled Jasmine so subdued in a fragrance before. It's almost funny, because i can only imagine if it could talk.
It would probably mention what a dolt Heliotrope was for being so sweet and ditzy! XD. We also have some much needed spices to keep this composition from floating off into the land of "so sweet i wanna puke"

The base:

I don't necessarily get the base-notes listed above, but i DO get a very vanillic woodsy smell. Definitely not two separate notes in my opinion.
Along with that delicious vanilla smoldering woods scent, we get a WONDERFUL burst of creamy sun-kissed honeysuckle.
An apparent compliment to the existing Orange blossom note in the top.

Anup 9 years ago 3

A hypnotizing scent - .-
My mother used to manage a Lancome counter when i was 14-17, so i am very familiar with most of their recent fragrances.
When this came out i was given TONS of hypnose homme vials, and never really enjoyed them.
I DID however sneak some of her Hypnose Femme vials frequently! ;) This is a primarily sweet fragrance featuring nuances of creamy florals, and soapy rough vetiver.

The top:

I get a mildy acidic bergamot, and mandarin orange rind(a generic start for many fragrances), and a harsh miasma de aniseed! :O
If you're thinking the same thing i am, you'd be thinking this is VERY confusing already!...Almost Hypnotizing!!!
*creepy hand shaking, along with wiggly fingers*

The middle:

The heart of Hypnose is primarily owned by an extremely powdery hard jasmine! Not that i mind, as i mention in many of my other reviews, i am a jasmine ADDICT!!!
So if you are turned off by jasmine, head for the bloody hills with this one! Along side the Jasmine, i get a crazy dirty soapy vetiver, which is sort of like a good friend to the jasmine.
Telling it to count to 10 before it blows a fucking floral gasket!!!

The base:

While being extremely vannilic, it is also remarkably barfy...Which isn't a bad thing.
It's very VERY all the WRONG ways, but smells completely RIGHT for this. Hey don't say I didn't f*kin' tell you this wasn't confusing.
It's ok i'll see you in counseling soon.
In the meantime, go out and enjoy this fragrance.
Hell maybe even buy a bottle, it's pretty good!

I had NO idea Annick Menardo had her hands in this, but now that i look at it, i'm glad i hadn't gone into this review with a biased opinion! She is the MASTER of sweetness!
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Anup 9 years ago 4

He sure brings me to my knees ;)

I swear i've smelled this so many times before. It's been a while since i've done any reviews but this one has compelled me, to not review this masterpiece would be an insult to it's legacy.

This, to me, brings up imagery of a male lovers presence. Protecting me and ravaging me. A huge bulking man with no money, and a big heart.

The scent is Animalic Animalic Animalic. And ladies if you like the way your mans genitals smell after a hard days work, i'm sure you'll enjoy this one as much as i do.

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