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Rare Micallef perfumes

I see that some of you are interested in finding Micallef perfumes on the net. There is still a lot to discover by Micallef rsp. their house perfumer Jean Claude Astier that is a bit off the beaten track.

Geoffrey Nejman has apparently been busy over the years touring Europe and keeping a good contact to their business customers. Besides the perfumes that you find on their site Micallef is offering a "Private Line": fully customized perfumes, made in small batches on request of perfume shops and other businesses who want to offer their own "signature" perfume.

I use "Private Line - Richard", a gents' perfume made for Beauty Affair in Düsseldorf. It is such a lovely and well-crafted fig perfume that it has become one of my favorites. Unfortunately - discontinued. I have just ordered a bottle of L'Or du Verger Homme by Maison de la Mirabelle. I am curious of how JC Astier has coped with the topic mirabelle plum in a gents' cologne!

So far, we have identified quite a few of those special 'Micallefs'. Often, their availability is limited. Once they are sold off, one cannot take it for granted that the customer orders another batch. Also, some of them are not on sale online. Here is my overview. I hope it will come in handy for you:

1.) The Anne-Marie Grallet line for Maison de la Mirabelle, Rozelieures, France


"L'Or du Verger pour Femme"

"L'Or du Verger 2 pour Femme"

"L'Or du Verger pour Homme"

Availability: English website, international shipment

Samples: no



2.) "Qessence" for Missala, Poland

Availability: English website, international shipment

Samples: yes, http://www.perfumeriaquality.pl/probki/




3.) Various fragrances for Parfümerie Brückner, Munich, Germany

Availability: German website, international shipment

Samples: no regular samples but they may send a perfumed tissue.



4.) Signature Line - various fragrances for Schlossparfumerie Wolff & Sohn Stuttgart, Germany

Availability: German website, international shipment

Samples: yes



5.) Various fragrances for Parfümerie Brauer, Leipzig, Germany


Availability: no online shop


6.) AJ Arabia


A new brand from Abu Dhabi. Not sure about Micallef's involvement but Jean Claude Astier has been named as the perfumer.


7.) The 1707 line for Fortnum & Mason

no samples available



8.) Apparently discontinued:

"Galeries Lafayette Berlin pour Femme"

"Königsallee Düsseldorf"

"MR Success" and "Private Line - Richard" for Beauty Affair, Düsseldorf, Germany

"Private Line - N°7"

"Gutenberg Limited", "Gutenberg Man", "Gutenberg Woman" for Heike Ackermann, Mainz, Germany

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