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ArabianGemsArabianGems 4 years ago
Mizyaan - Ajmal

Mizyaan Nice Floral Spicy Musky Combo
Mizyaan by Ajmal Perfumes These days i am testing a lot of Ajmal Perfumes. Starts with Nice Sweet Smell with of Notes with Floral mixed Spices slowly turns towards Floral Musky as Spicy Notes fades away finally in the end Woody Notes...

ArabianGemsArabianGems 4 years ago
Mukhallat Shams - Ajmal

Mukhallat Shams Best Mukhallat Spray in My Opinion
Mukhallat Shams is One of my Top 5 Favorites Perfumes from House of Ajmal. Number 1 Mukhallat i smelled so far . Hats off to Ajmal Perfumes. All Notes are well placed especially Oud which is V Soft & toned out. Sandalwood also...


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