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ArgossArgoss 2 years ago
Lalique pour Homme Equus (Eau de Parfum) - Lalique

Lalique pour Homme Equus (Eau de Parfum) A beautiful, well trained stallion confined to the stable.
Very nice, rather fresh spicy-woody aromatic. Very versatile and unoffending. Good longevity but unfortunately sillage is way below average - it becomes a skin scent very quickly. Certainly not something...

ArgossArgoss 2 years ago
Homme de Café - Parfums Café

Homme de Café Unique, exelent quality/price ratio.
Very unique scent that I cannot comapre to anything else. To me it smells like fresh, mild smoke out form burning aromatic flowers and woodchips mixed with pine resin. Longevity is decent and it costs 10 $. It seems they have...


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