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ArkangeLArkangeL 1 year ago
Allegretto 7.2 - Berceuse Parfum

Allegretto 7.2 Fairly Brisk Tempo
Allegretto translates, "at a fairly brisk tempo." The opening of this fragrance mirrors the chords at the climax of Beethoven's Symphony No. 7. Note for note, so to speak. Energetic mint and green leaves, leading the composition into a cloud of smoky...

ArkangeLArkangeL 1 year ago
Wind Wood - Mancera

Wind Wood Niche Crowd Pleaser
A mainstream offering from Mancera, but done quite well. Most music artists need at least 1 club hit on their album, I'm getting that concept here. Creed Aventus? Roja Elysium? I am trying to wrap my head around the olfactory class. I don't...

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ArkangeL 6 years ago

We often hear that certain substances such as foods or fragrances are aphrodisiacs, but what does that REALLY mean? The word "aphrodisiac" is of Greek origin, deriving from the Greek Goddess Aphrodite or Aphrodisios. Known as the deity of love, beauty, pleasure and eternal youth. When a substance has aphrodisiac properties, it stimulates sexual desire. The effects...

ArkangeL 6 years ago

ArkangeLDerek Lam
Just as I began to feel inhibited by regularity, something intriguing arrived. The Derek Lam 10 Crosby Collection. Ten white cylinders, with a surprise that awaits within the padded interior. These simplistic, delicate bottles don't exactly compete with packaging from designers such as Marc Jacobs or Jimmy Choo's Venetian cut glass. However, the story of mystery...


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