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2 years ago - 31.10.2020
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Olfactory journey - Pink peppercorn

Went for a walk tonight and I saw a tree with pink pepper. This oil is added to many perfume, but few people know that it can give really bad reaction in people with nuts allergies. When choosing the fragrance, carefully read the description of all the notes. I put it together for cooking and a mix of black peppers. It gives beautiful flavors in culinary .

Pink pepper essential oil is very fragrant, with floral and pepper smell. The work, for its production, is very heavy and intense. The collection must be made one day to process, wash, and let it into the distiller without losing all its valuable properties.

His homeland is Peru, but it grows in Kenya, Madagascar, and even in California.

Many don't know what these berries can be added to the jam made out of oranges to give it extraordinary spice.

Everything is good in moderation.


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