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9 months ago
The Dark Side by Francesca Bianchi

The Dark Side„A guided meditation to meet the dark side in the depths of the subconsciousness.”
The Dark Side by Francesca Bianchi reminds me of those guided meditations where you have to enter the cellar of your subconsciousness to meet less known parts of yourself. Spraying it is like entering...

11 months ago
Café Gourmand - Pavlova by Brocard / Брокард

Café Gourmand - Pavlova„A pink fluffy cloud of muskus decorated with red berries”
"Pavlova" is a pink fluffy cloud of transparent muskus decorated with red berries. Not the smell of the "Pavlova" dessert itself, but a sensual representation of it. Strawberry juice, an echo of "Strawberry in cream" (a popular...

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A dark woody amber with a pronounced lipstick iris note and a retro vibe.+1
A "Vinaigre_de_Toilette" infused with bitter orange peels and herbs from Provence to revive a sleepy head with a fresh morning breeze.+3
A coconut sweetened orange flower sprayed with salty sea water and used as a perfume for a suntan lotion.+2
A comforting warm scarf with vanilla creamy sweetness, dark ambery light of pathcouli and a touch of rose petals freshness.+1
An intimate close to skin scent what you might smell under a worn out leather jacket on a bare male skin.+5
A sharp vetiver scent based on the contrast between dark woody notes and a fresh aspects of the roots. And yet very comfortable feeling.+3
The smell of Sakura consists of wet white petals, pink rose flowers, a touch of fruity cherry and a salty taste of tears on fading spring.+4
A feast of a fig harvest on a summer day where all the dishes are made from or with this tempting fruit. Gourmand fruity fig.+2
Romanticized scent of port with an exotic mix of amber, tarred wood, spices and chocolate with a touch of rose petals and a sip of Port wine+1
Id Id - Mendittorosa   AromaX 4 years ago
It's like meditating on a warm porous black lava stone listening to the soothing sound of the sea, a mix of mineral smell of stone and salt+4

Perfume Blog

4 years ago

AromaX„Fougère II – the smell of fern”
Originally posted in: olfactory family of fougères begins with Fougère Royale by Houbigant, a fragrance created by Paul Parquet in 1882 approaching the smell of ferns. It raises an interesting question: Do ferns smell?An answer to this question can be as vague as an attempt...


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