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AromaXAromaX 6 years ago
Time to play... interesting ;) I tried to use The Fool card from different Tarot decks. And the idea was more - time for a new journey of the Fool... in all its varieties ;)
GingerGinger 6 years ago
time to play.... super Idee!
AromaXAromaX 6 years ago
Thank you, Shogun!
ShogunShogun 6 years ago
ein wunderschönes bild, herrlich, wie du das licht hier eingefangen hast!
AromaXAromaX 6 years ago
Always love the way light plays with the massive glass of a perfume bottle, Zora ;)
ZoraZora 6 years ago
Ein tolles Bild und Licht.
AromaXAromaX 6 years ago
Mais bien sur! :) I bet it's the beautiful way to start the journey of the Fool by following the rose fragrance :)
GothicHeartGothicHeart 6 years ago
Cet Mat aime les roses...

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