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A sharp vetiver scent based on the contrast between dark woody notes and a fresh aspects of the roots. And yet very comfortable feeling.
The smell of Sakura consists of wet white petals, pink rose flowers, a touch of fruity cherry and a salty taste of tears on fading spring.
A feast of a fig harvest on a summer day where all the dishes are made from or with this tempting fruit. Gourmand fruity fig.
III-IV Tango III-IV Tango - Masque - 5 years ago
Romanticized scent of port with an exotic mix of amber, tarred wood, spices and chocolate with a touch of rose petals and a sip of Port wine
It's like meditating on a warm porous black lava stone listening to the soothing sound of the sea, a mix of mineral smell of stone and salt
6 - 10 of 22