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AromatoAromato 7 days ago
Oud for Greatness - Initio

Oud for Greatness Oud for Overrate
I've tested a sample for some days. its pretty sweet and i dont get that much oud darkness (which is good for some people that are afraid of it). pretty wearable and a pleasant scent. i get a sugary cola vibe in the dry down it has a effervescence...

AromatoAromato 6 months ago
Hacivat - Nishane

Hacivat long lasting / no projection
sadly it has been reformulated and doesnt project at all in my 21043 batch (made in Feb 21) longevity is amazing over 12 Hrs on skin and days on cloth but its just a strong skin scent and doesnt project at all. and i'm not being nose...


SalahharakeSalahharake 6 months ago
Welcome on board, looking forward to reading your insightful reviews:)