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ArtArt 6 months ago
Œillet Pourpre / Lui - Guerlain

Œillet Pourpre / Lui Review of LUI (2017)
For some time I could not remember, why this smell seemed familiar. I knew I had encountered something similar before. It was not until I sprayed a few drops of Terracota Voile d'Ete. Then I immediately caught the characteristic Guerlain ylangylang...

ArtArt 6 months ago
Valentina Myrrh Assoluto - Valentino

Valentina Myrrh Assoluto Beautiful Myrrh
Yes, Myrrh is a leading component in this perfume, although it's calm and discreet here. The whole composition is quite sweet, but fortunately it stops just half a step away from becoming a gourmand. I also find a lot of dense (floral) powder in it, but that...


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