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ArtistscentArtistscent 100 days ago
Body Paint - Vilhelm Parfumerie

Body Paint Probably the best offering from Vilhelm yet (if you don't care for creations by Jerome Epinette)
One of the best offerings from the house, Corticchiato knows how to mix crowd-pleasing while maintaining a unique narrative. Body Paint is adeptly named, this perfume...

ArtistscentArtistscent 109 days ago
Cuir Soyeux - Francesca Bianchi

Cuir Soyeux Had this, utterly disappointing
I have to preface this by saying that I have loved everything else that Francesca has put out (except for Sex and the Sea Neroli), so I ordered this when I saw it would be all about leather and iris. Or at least, that is how it was advertised...


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Thank you for the deal, Edward.
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Hi Artistscent, welcome to Parfumo :-)