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Powdery smokey goodness! Nice longevity, but low projection and sillage. Also, I believe Pino Silvestre has a very similar smokiness.
OG Kouros civet just a tad cleaner and crispier. This almost has a bit of a CW vibe, which would be no surprise, as Pierre Bourdon did both.
Sexy, soapy, elegant. All in one bottle. Get the metal shoulders bottle if you can. To my nose, the most perfect scent ever created.
I don't perceive this as scent as oldfashioned one. Indeed very soapy, fresh and long-lasting, it's a great no-brainer pick!
Thank you grandpa for wearing Opium (and Kouros too). Elegant, sweet, powdery, enveloping, a true masterpiece along with the EDP version.
1 - 5 of 21