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I read too many comments saying Dior Homme Intense has bad longevity.
My bottle is from June 2017. My skin is not magic, is just a normal human skin.
This fragrance lasts 12+ hours. I always make sure I apply it on the skin an not on the clothes because it would make it even more intense.
It is not versatile yes, but longevity and projection are very impressive people.

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Opens with fresh citrus.
Immediatly a talcum powder smell. Very clean... becomes smokier and darker with time.
Proeminent Rose note.
Always mantains an elegant and expensive vibe.
As the freshness of the citrus fades it starts to present a leather like scent.
And it starts becoming warmer.
Will last the entire day and it will project for long hours.
People will be abble to smell you just with one spray on your chest.
The fragrance becomes spicier as time passes.
It lasted me the intire day (no joke) since 11 in the morning untill midnight.

Today I was in my room and an intense Sandalwood scent was in my room. "What is this? This smells like those times when I used to light Sandalwood Insence sticks in my room but I don't do that anymore!" Of course! My shirt... It is exhuding an Oriental Sandalwood. Just like those burning sticks. Very spicy and warm. My nose was 1 arm lenght away from the shirt and I could smell it.

I am very impressed with how this fragrance lasts and transforms over time. 5 stars

Disapointing. The deodorant stick smells great. The after shave smells like a lemon based product to wash the dishes. And it's not refreshing. Burns like fire and my skin becomes even more irritated! I will not buy after shaves from this brand again. My dear money....

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I don't understand people complaining about projection. Maybe I have a blessed skin? Yesterday I tried 6 different scents on my skin and this was overshadowing all the others.
Just so you have an idea.. D&G pour homme projects more than La Nuit de l'homme, M7 Oud Absolu, Dunhill Icon, D&G Intenso and Ralph Lauren Safari

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This was not a love at first sniff for me, so I suggest you to take some time to familiarize. This is not that sunny clean fresh grass. This is a rainy forest!! The more i try "Green scents" the more I like this one. And in general, I find this to have a distinctive character.
You will feel rich, refined and assertive with this one. Very masculine, elegant.
And... (belive me!!) this is medicinal! One time I had my nose clogged and I felt a sleep sniffing Tsar and it really did clear my nose.
So... give it a chance and you will understand it's uniqueness

If you like this scent I recomend you to try Tsar by Van Cleef & Arpels. They share a lot of notes. Very similar but Tsar is way stronger. To me this just wins on the bottle design category. Tsar gets the award.

Very good&versatile. Gets better over time. Opening: Unisex. End: Masculine.
Lasts longer then you think. You will think it is gonne and suddenly other people are complementing your smell.