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Longevity is very very good on the skin. The scent is elegant, clean and uplifting. Sofisticated and relaxed at the same time. Simplicity
If anyone knows about a fragrance with better longevity that smells like this, please tell me. I love the way this smells!!!!!!
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This one deserves it's price unlike many other popular ones. Quality, versatility, longevity, sillage: EXCELENT. A complete perfume. 5 stars
Both VC&A's Pour Homme & Tsar are rich fragrances. This one lasts way longer. Is darker, warmer & more elegant. A more serious personality.
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Both VC&A's Homme & Tsar are rich fragrances. Tsar is bolder, projects more, is spicier&greener. Has a younger personality
1 - 5 of 23