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AveParfumAveParfum 4 years ago
Binturong - Auphorie

Binturong A Beauty and a Beast
I was about to pull the trigger on a bottle of Eternal Voyage when Auphorie announced their new trio of Extraits. When I saw Binturong, a vegan animalic perfume, I simply had to make it mine. Bought it instead, blindly, and I adore it! Binturong...

AveParfumAveParfum 4 years ago
Chai - Baruti

Chai Don't take the name too literally
Baruti Chai impresses me. Considering it has so many things in it that have the potential to overwhelm (e.g. cinnamon, pepper, leather), it never does. It could be a study on the subtle use of spice in perfumery. If Opium, Cinnabar...


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