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AwesomenessAwesomeness MANGOSTEEN (2007) BY FRESH 10 years ago

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AwesomenessAwesomeness 4 years ago
Lumière (2000) - Rochas

Lumière (2000) gleaming light
I usually have difficulty with white florals and with over-the-top aldehydes. Based on the description & notes, this was what I was expecting out of Lumiere. Thankfully, it's not. Lumiere is all about roses & woods, and it wears like a crystalline,...

AwesomenessAwesomeness 4 years ago
Lumière (1984) (Eau de Parfum) - Rochas

Lumière (1984) (Eau de Parfum) Light? Meh!
I love the new Lumiere, which is 80% Gres Cabaret to me. I just had to try the original, which so many pine for. I managed to buy a part bottle of the edp -- The purple Femme-silhouetted bottle, now with orange juice. My exhilaration of this find turned...

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Feminine woody rose. One spray, mist walk-through. Lives 24+ hours, reactivates with water. More wearable & less suffocating than Samsara.


MiaTrostMiaTrost 4 years ago
Lovely to see you, Awesomeness! :)
TarataTarata 10 years ago
Hey awesomeness, recently tried the snowpeach too! cheery smell :-)
Lola82Lola82 10 years ago
Hey Awsomeness what's up with you have you tried anything new?
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Hello, Awesomeness! Please grace this site with all of your excellent reviews! (-:
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Hi great to see you here to
AwesomenessAwesomeness 10 years ago
Thank you for all the welcomes!
Formula 1, music, party, perfume, more F1, eye candy...Guess who? haha Bisous
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Hello Awesomeness, welcome on board. have a nice time.
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nice to see you here!
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Yay, awesomeness! Good to see you here! The parfumistas have missed you in the old familiar places.