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Gorgeous, rich & lush woody for the ladies. I find most woodies to be either too thin & austere or too syrupy & forced. B de Boucheron doesn't have those qualities.

The apricot and osmanthus are spot-on for the current trend in fragrance. The florals (rose, orange blossom) & spices (pink pepper) are so well-blended that I struggle to pick them out individually, although I know they are there. However, the base (sweet woods & patch) and the apricot really define the scent. Initially I thought the cedar was just a tad too dominant for me, but now I have grown to love it.

I think many perfumistas would find this scent a bore and consider it treading well-worn territory. However, for me, B is something that I reach for over and over again. It is so much better than 95% of the stuff in the mass market, and it's available at an excellent price to boot. Nice projection, even from top to bottom, and lasts 6-8 hours on me. The quality of the ingredients seems to be top-shelf.

I've tried most of the Boucheron femmes and haven't liked a single one. B is different. It's a grower, and can stretch from morning to night, casual to formal, winter to summer. It's easy-to-wear and accessible. Reminds me of John Varvatos but not as sweet, Badgley Mischka but not as fruity, and Tresor but softer & rounder & deeper. I love those fragrances but I love B even more. B "won" on a side-by-side test with each.

In my top 10. It's so me, but better. Signature scent worthy.

Notes: cedar, patchouli, osmanthus, apricot, spices, rose, orange blossom

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I don't like HM Butterfly, but I do like HM Magical Moon and HM Haute Couture. MM & HC are two very different fragrances of course, but I think both are under-appreciated because they are *so* unlike Butterfly & are not immediately recognizable ... which are good things.

Magical Moon is a modern floriental. It's not dark or gothic. Rather, it's relatively clean & clear, which is unique for a contemporary creation in this category. It's difficult to pick out and identify specific notes. The fragrance is a sweet melange but it works.

I own Magical Moon in parfum and edp. Both are long-lasting, and I really don't sense a big difference between these 2 concentrations. That was a surprise to me because the concentrations in other HMs - specifically, Butterfly & Haute Couture - wear like different fragrances. Nevertheless, Magical Moon parfum is special - it strikes me as being much better quality, and, besides, the parfum is a sillage bomb!

Magical Moon can be worn year around and makes a striking, unique office-friendly alternative in the EdP when sprayed with a light hand. I think it could also be safely worn by the guys!

Very good fragrance, excellent price ... gently used bottles can frequently be found for a steal on ebay ...

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I was fully prepared to love (and purchase) this Guerlain. Unfortunately, it failed to impress me enough to obtain a full bottle. Regardless, VdN is a must-sample for anyone serious about perfume. I am just starting to understand the "Guerlainade" of Guerlain fragrance, and VdN is Guerlainade.

The opening is *very* much like Mitsouko to me. As it VdN dries, all I get is Samsara, Samsara, and Samsara - in otherwoods, woody. Since I own both of those Guerlains, including a vintage Mitsy, I won't be adding this to my collection. I don't sense any green accords, which I would have expected given Bergamot, Galbanum, & Narcissus as listed notes - there is nothing green about the formulation I tested.

* note - tested a TPC sample marked EdT vintage

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There's something dark & dirty about Lancome Magie (La Collections). She's not for a modern girl, but for a classic woman.

Magie opens unisex but dries femme. I like Magie, but I don't care for the way the jasmine develops on my skin and how the fragrance sweetens as it wears. I do like that quality in Cuir, I don't like it in Magie. I might be wrong, but I think it comes down to the relative amount of jasmine.

Ladies who love mysterious woody fragrances might just fall for the reissued Magie. I love sampling the reissued La Collections, and I applaud Lancome for resurrecting these fragrances and bring them to market. Magie doesn't speak to me in the same way that Lancome Cuir does. However, the entire line is sample-worthy!

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Varensia is extremely pleasant on, and it wears like a light oriental on me. I sense the oakmoss but it's not brash or loud. Varensia just doesn't have the presence of a chypre on my skin.

I've seen here (and elsewhere) that Varensia is inspired by Gianni Versace by Versace. I can't make the comparison. But I can say that Varensia is not in the style of a big 1980s powerhouse, aggressive scent. Rather, Varensia is an agreeable, pleasant scent. It lasts 4 hours or so on me. First 2 hours are good, the next 2 hours are muddy & murky. Best in warm (but not hot) weather, I think.

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Oh, how I love AP Strip. It's deep, dark & dirty without being a powder bomb like the original. It's sultry and feels like leather on me but it's a soft, wearable leather, not an astringent, sit-up straight leather. I smell the wood, but not the amber that others mention. It must be the listed amber oil which gives it more of a headshop-quality imo. At the opening, AP Strip has a bit of skank to it but only enough to get noticed. As it dries, I swear this could be a vintage Tabu flanker!

I love the original AP, but this flanker is just as good if not better! In fact, I'd say this flanker is the fragrance of a dominatrix, not a stripper. After all, there just might be a reason that Strip is in a black bottle with a leather-like strap at the top. Just sayin'. ;)

PS - Like Strip but not the price? Sample Valenti Rose Noir. It smells remarkably similar to Strip on me once dry and without any skank.

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On me, Heaven Sent is a predominately citrus & rose scent that is buttressed by patchouli and oakmoss. This is not a virginal fragrance for little girls! I guess I am lucky that I don't know what the original Heaven Sent smells like, because this version from 2001 is gorgeous on me!

Granted, Heaven Sent EdP is very light and close-wearing. However, it is in-step with today's rose trends yet patchy & mossy for those with classic tastes. In a stronger formula, I think fumies would be gaga for this one, and it strikes me that it would be edgy enough to come from JHAG and classic enough to come from Gres. However,in this weak formula, it is still a wonderful bedtime scent, or possibly one to wear when working in close quarters with others.

I'm loving it and will wear it for restful, dreamy nighttimes ... smelling lovely and not suffocating my partner.

PS - The original is not from Dana.

PSS - Heaven Sent is a cheap substitute for modern L'Heure Bleue.

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