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Awesomeness 10 years ago 6
Oh, how I love AP Strip. It's deep, dark & dirty without being a powder bomb like the original. It's sultry and feels like leather on me but it's a soft, wearable leather, not an astringent, sit-up straight leather. I smell the wood, but not the amber that others mention. It must be the listed amber oil which gives it more of a headshop-quality imo. At the opening, AP Strip has a bit of skank to it but only enough to get noticed. As it dries, I swear this could be a vintage Tabu flanker!

I love the original AP, but this flanker is just as good if not better! In fact, I'd say this flanker is the fragrance of a dominatrix, not a stripper. After all, there just might be a reason that Strip is in a black bottle with a leather-like strap at the top. Just sayin'. ;)

PS - Like Strip but not the price? Sample Valenti Rose Noir. It smells remarkably similar to Strip on me once dry and without any skank.
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Awesomeness 10 years ago 4
cheap substitute for modern L'Heure Bleue
On me, Heaven Sent is a predominately citrus & rose scent that is buttressed by patchouli and oakmoss. This is not a virginal fragrance for little girls! I guess I am lucky that I don't know what the original Heaven Sent smells like, because this version from 2001 is gorgeous on me!

Granted, Heaven Sent EdP is very light and close-wearing. However, it is in-step with today's rose trends yet patchy & mossy for those with classic tastes. In a stronger formula, I think fumies would be gaga for this one, and it strikes me that it would be edgy enough to come from JHAG and classic enough to come from Gres. However,in this weak formula, it is still a wonderful bedtime scent, or possibly one to wear when working in close quarters with others.

I'm loving it and will wear it for restful, dreamy nighttimes ... smelling lovely and not suffocating my partner.

PS - The original is not from Dana.

PSS - Heaven Sent is a cheap substitute for modern L'Heure Bleue.
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246 - 247 by 247