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BWFGBWFG 9 months ago
La vierge de fer - Serge Lutens

La vierge de fer The Iron Maiden
Forget about any Jeanne d’Arc connection. This is a torture device. It lures you in and then the blades appear. It’s a Jacobean revenge drama in a perfume bottle. You start with a drop of citrus and then you are pounced by shrill white florals...

BWFGBWFG 9 months ago
Palissandre d'Or - Aedes de Venustas

Palissandre d'Or Delicate Rosewood
This really is an unusual beauty, but too shy for its own good. I continue to be tempted to buy the occasionally appearing discounted bottles, but there’s still a sizeable decant sitting on my shelf that I need to get through, and, more importantly,...

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Stunning, but not attention grabbing. Violets and woods, dusted with cocoa powder. Serene.
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