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Bashke81Bashke81 2 months ago
Oriento - Jeroboam

Oriento Beauty in a bottle
This one is really good! Yes, there is rose and yes there is oud as well, but blended so good. This one does not contain jammy rose or skanky oud at all. It it just so wonderfull and it last like crazy on my skin. This house is very underrated...

Bashke81Bashke81 2 months ago
Artisan Pure - John Varvatos

Artisan Pure Vacay mode!
I just love this one! It makes me feel happy. It so easy to wear yet so complex in the note breakdown. Perfect for summer but also great for fall. When I feel down during the cold winter days I just spray this one and I am good to go! It is a shame...

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Oriento Oriento - Jeroboam - 2 months ago
This house is so underrated in my opinion. This one is really nice rose-oud fragrance with monsterous performance! You must try it!
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Sexy rose-oud combination with a beastmode performance. Must try!
This one is very pleasant. Barbershop with s modern twist and really strong as well.
Fougere just done to perfection!
Beautiful and sofisticated fragrance!
Another great winter fragrance. Stellar longevity and silage. Perfection in a bottle.
One of my favorites. Really nice, smokey and juicy plum with just a hint of oud way back in the background. Mouthwatering.
Instant Crush Instant Crush - Mancera - 3 months ago
Well I like this better than BR540 and Oud for Greatness. This is much more wearable and richer. Silage is just out of this world!
This is perfect summer fragrance with oud. Yes with oud but very subtle oud.
The only minus is the performance and that is discontinued.
If you want to smell like a pro in a suit and tie then look no further. This is truely a modern barbershop done right!


Summer vibes ???
Summer vibes ???
Beautiful rose - oud co...
Beautiful rose - oud co...
A timeless classic. Mas...
A timeless classic. Mas...


RazvanykeRazvanyke 23 days ago
Baschke is a great parfumo to deal with, very patient, honest and high energy. It was a pleasure to do this deal with you and I do wish you lots of health and fun with your new perfume. Until next time :)!
Best regards,
MarianoNoHeMarianoNoHe 27 days ago
Thank you very much for this fantastic deal, particularly for sending it to Spain so fast. Everything perfect, I am very pleased.
KoertzKoertz 4 months ago
Thanks for the trade, everything was perfect 👌
VentoAureoVentoAureo 6 months ago
Thank you for the great experience and kindness. Everything went fine and payment was quick. Hope you enjoy the fragrance! :-)
Best regards.