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Definitely on a retro side, so very special. Sillage is top as usual. So try before you buy, either wise will end up smelling like a granny
What an incredible fragrance - deep, rich, expensive and unique. Drove myself crazy what it reminds me of.. actually, my beloved Sigismondo!
Sigismondo Sigismondo - V Canto - 11 days ago
The cleanest smell I ever had. Wearing it is like hearing crystal charms playing in the wind. Pure music and ay season enjoyment for me.
Chastity Chastity - Rasasi - 11 days ago
The most complemented I ever had. I was in my late 20s, came back from UAE winter holidays and the whole city was asking me, what it was..
Melodia Melodia - Sospiro - 12 days ago
I love all Sospiro accept for this one. Cant describe it, something went wrong with my nose, just pure oil with a bit of Ambra. What a shame
1 - 5 by 46