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Beachgirl2 6 years ago 5

Sweaty Flowers
Wow! I had this perfume for a week and had to return it. It has the strength of a nuclear bomb and lasts all day and into the night until the next morning's shower. And even then I could still smell it on my skin
Oh for the love of all that is good, don't even spray this one time on your body. Maybe once in the air and then run through the mist as fast as you can, really it's that strong!
The first blast is toxically sweet, like all the flowers in the world got together to work out at the gym. After an hour they get horribly sweaty and instead of showering they all decided to use an ancient, 50 year old dusting powder from an antique store. I'm sure someone, somewhere will like this, but it just did not work for me.
All that being said, the bottle is drop dead gorgeous and very unusual

Beachgirl2 7 years ago 9

I adore this fragrance! I notice the opening notes of course of woody spices, incense, patchouli and bitter dark chocolate, but then I just don't care anymore. I loose myself in the fragrance and it overwhelms my senses.

The scent reminds me of a dark primeval forest full of strange, intoxicating and hauntingly beautiful fragrances. Slightly sweet yet very esoteric and compelling. Like rich, sweet woody roots buried beneath the soil in a shadowy wood full of unearthly scents, it speaks to me in a very visceral way.

Pablo Neruda expressed my thoughts better when he wrote " I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul."
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Beachgirl2 7 years ago 11

The few sniffs I've had of this in the past did not thoroughly prepare me for for the complete seductive qualities of this perfume. I'd tested it on paper and sprayed a little on my wrist from time to time and thought wow that's really nice. But after taking this beauty home I found I need to use at least 2 or 3 heavy handed sprays to achieve true satisfaction.

Some perfumes smack you in the face before making friends with you. Shalimar however does not want to be your friend, she wants to be your lover. Her goal is to seduce you slowly. Sure, she grabs your attention at first with her citrus opening, but it's pleasant, only slightly seductive like a kiss on the cheek. The opening citrus is not an orangy pop sickle on a stick sweet but rather a dry sophisticated citrus, keeps you interested and craving more.

The vanilla becomes apparent rather quickly, but this particular vanilla does not in any way remind me of today's lovely, sweet beauties. It seems a lot more sophisticated, more refined and softer. The leather notes then enters the room and lies down with the vanilla and other assorted notes like wood and incense. The combination stimulates your imagination, and as it develops on your skin, you feel as if you've been drawn into an erotic dream. I adore this perfume! Longivity and sillage are wonderful. It's not an overpowering sillage though, just seductive enough to lure but still a lady.
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Beachgirl2 8 years ago 3

Soft, powdery soapy citrus. Definitely unique, and not at all like L. It doesn't strike me as an aquatic scent but yet it seems nautical and does have a beachy feel to it. It's fresh and clean, but yet alluring at the same time. It does have a slight soapy scent to it. But if so, it's the most wonderful, softest creamiest soap that could be purchased. And if I were to make up the notes myself they would be driftwood, sea water, sand, soap, lemon, creamy vanilla, musk.

Beachgirl2 8 years ago 6

Whoa baby!! This is very, very strong and lasts forever. It has got to be the strongest perfume I have tried yet. In fact I can't imagine anything stronger. It's spicy and a little sweet. The only spices I think I can identify are the clove, (which stays and never dies on me), the caraway and licorice. Super exotic and very foreign smelling. Someone mentioned an Indian spice marketplace in reviews I've read on other sites, and yes it could very well be what it smells like. I do not smell cinammon or vanilla, but I smell something quite different, perhaps it is the cardamom. It smells wierd and wonderful, but use only one spray. Any more and you will send people running, and it will be very cloying. Could easily be unisex
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