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BefragrancesBefragrances 7 months ago
Music for a While - Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle

Music for a While Essential oils vibe
Music for a while is such a relaxing scent and so unique, I never smelled anything like it before. The whole Frederic Malle brand is unique let’s say and is the definition of niche in my opinion. A lot of people compare it to a luxurious essential...

BefragrancesBefragrances 7 months ago
A*Men Pure Malt - Mugler

A*Men Pure Malt Good designer fragrance
Pure Malt was created in 2009 and in honor of traditional Scottish whiskey. It is one of my favorite boozy scents. It is a mix between fruity, whiskey and sweet notes. The notes that stand out the most are obviously malt, Fruity notes and whiskey....


ScentDaneScentDane 6 months ago
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BefragrancesBefragrances 7 months ago
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