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BelgwenBelgwen 5 years ago
Framboise Noire - Shay & Blue

Framboise Noire Oooh this is smoldering!
But you literally need to have a sweet tooth to wear it. :) On my skin, this fragrance fills the room with only two sprays and lasts around 12 hours. I get sticky sweet raspberries cooked in dark berry compote in a cedarwood pot. By no means...

BelgwenBelgwen 5 years ago
Perfume Calligraphy Rose - Aramis

Perfume Calligraphy Rose Oh.My.Word.
If animals had a signature perfume, this would’ve belonged to the Black Widow! A dark, dangerous lady with a red core. Black spices, luscious red roses, and a touch of gooey balminess that sticks to you like a spider web. If Matahari wore this, she would’ve...


valandriavalandria 7 years ago
B! So glad you are here!
ApiciusApicius 7 years ago
Welcome Belgwen! I wish you a lot of fun at Parfumo! If you have any questions about this site, just give me anote and post it in the forum.