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4 years ago
Scent 7.0
Musk (Eau de Toilette) by Lorenzo Villoresi

Musk (Eau de Toilette)„Lorenzo Villoresi Musk”
A pleasant, woodsy/spicy musk with a strangly fresh non-soapy rose floating about. I '''inherited'' a sample with little left, so I've only worn it twice, but I quite like it. It is non-offensive, sweet-ish, fresh, and with enough body to remain interesting....

4 years ago
Scent 7.0
Blu Mediterraneo - Ginepro di Sardegna by Acqua di Parma

Blu Mediterraneo - Ginepro di Sardegna„Blu mediterraneo - Ginepro di Sardegna”
Ginepro (juniper) di Sardegna starts out fresh, citrusy with something herb-ish and woods, and then it melts into a very pleasant, woodsy scent with the citrus still lingering for a surprisingly long time, considering the notes. I guess the juniper...


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It's a pleasure to meet another Epic Woman, Bibitry. ;) Thanks for your lovely comment.
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Thank you for your kind welcome greetings, and apologies for my more than late respons! Just realized what I had forgotten, and found the reply button :)
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Oi oi så gøy å se deg her! Knallbra! Klemmer fra Bells :) :) :)
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Hallo Bibitry, welcome to Parfumo! I wish you a very good time here!